Experience The Enterprise

Date:9 February 2010

“Experience The ” tour is a groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) application, which combines real world and computer-generated data to bring a 3-D interactive version of the Starship to life, on your desktop or in the palm of your hand.

To take an extensive five minute tour of the , including testing the ship’s weapons systems, impulse engines and warp drive, visit www.experience-the-enterprise.com. Anybody with a webcam can take a tour of the using the kind of futuristic technology that sits at the heart of perhaps the most popular science-fiction franchise of all time. Once underway, you are given a “cadet holo-simulation” by Starfleet, the Academy in which new recruits Kirk, Spock and McCoy are enrolled at the start of the new film.

This is the first time AR has been used to bring a major film release to life in this way. The application itself was constructed using the original 3-D model of the appearing in the film, as well as featuring an array of special effects direct from the production.

To watch the movie trailer, |click here|

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