F-35 Lightning II takes flight for the first time

Date:9 February 2010 Tags:

A few days ago, the US Navy unveiled its first-ever stealth fighter, the F-35C Lightning II, a formidable fighting machine that’s said to employ the most powerful and comprehensive sensor package ever incorporated into a fighter.

The first F-35C, known as CF-1, will undergo a wide-ranging series of ground tests before its first flight, scheduled for late 2009. CF-1 is the ninth F-35 test aircraft to be rolled out, and joins a fleet of F-35A (conventional takeoff and landing) and F-35B (short takeoff/vertical landing) variants that have logged more than 100 flights.

Watch this video to see another F-35 Lightning II variant take flight for the first time.

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Video and image credit: Lockheed Martin

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