FastFood – the world’s fastest furniture

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Perry Watkins has done it again! On 5 September 2010, FastFood, his nitrous oxide-injected V8 dining table, broke the record for the fastest furniture.

At Santa Pod raceway on Sunday, FastFood did two officially timed runs; the first timed at 181,5 km/h and the second at 184,8, giving a new world record time of 183,1 km/h.

These speeds are an average speed over a 500 m measured track, not a top speed. The terminal speed at the end of the run was in excess of 209 km/h.

Tech spec’s

Reliant Scimitar Sabre

3500cc Rover V8 SDI 1981

Ford Atlas LSD

Wizard of NOS 150i street blaster
Twin port injection
11 lb heated bottle
Minimax nitrous computer

Visit the FastFood Web site

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