Oru Kayak: bend me, shape me

Date:17 January 2013 Tags:, , ,

How’s this for portability? It’s a kayak with an “origami” skin that’s good for 20 000 fold cycles without structural failure. The creases are permanently moulded in so that the kayak becomes its own carrying case, switching easily between boat and case. A single seam – above the waterline – closes with a watertight rubber gasket. How cool is that?

A rigid floorboard (which also becomes the lid of the case) reinforces the cockpit. Simple straps and buckles hold everything together, making assembly quick and intuitive. It also features a comfortable foam seat and backrest plus a fully adjustable footrest.

Watch an impressive demo of the Oru Kayak…

Okay, now for some questions. Will it sink? Says the manufacturer: “The Oru Kayak has positive buoyancy and won’t sink even if swamped with water. For additional flotation, we recommend using it with commercial bow and stern float bags.”

What happens if you hit a rock? “The double-layered skin is extremely tough and puncture resistant. The skin may dent with hard impacts, but dents can be popped out with your hands.”

Okay, we’re convinced. Sadly, not available here.

Just the basics
Length: 365 cm
Width: 63 cm
Height: 33 cm
Carrying capacity: 118 kg
Space: 1 occupant, room for life jacket paddle, other accessories
Features: Solid plastic ribs keep the cross-sectional shape, padded seat and backrest


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