GateKeeper roller coaster: just for the thrill of it

Date:20 June 2013 Tags:, ,

Meet the GateKeeper winged roller coaster, recently completed at the Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio, USA. This monster takes riders on a long and seriously wild ride, delivering the longest drop of any winged coaster on the planet.

Designed by renowned coaster manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard of Switzerland, GateKeeper takes riders along 1 269 m of tubular steel track on a ride lasting 2 minutes and 40 seconds. Once it crests the top of the 52 m lift hill, the coaster rain rotates 180 degrees to the right, turning riders upside down before plummeting a  record 49,7 m towards the ground at speeds reaching  nearly 108 km/h. Then the train enters a half-loop, goes through a half-twist and curves out in the opposite direction. A towering 32 camelback hill awaits just before riders glide through a 360-degree giant flat spin. The train then flies through the middle of two support towers, makes a 180-degree turnaround that pushes riders through an overbanked turn, and then rockets them back towards the station. A 60-degree in-line roll, camelback drop and spiral round out the experience.

Check out hair-raising animation footage of the record-breaking winged coaster…


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