Google’s Android Wear project starts with a smartwatch

Date:20 March 2014 Tags:, , ,

On 18 March, Google announced Android Wear, a project that extends Android to wearables. And they’ll be starting with a smartwatch. Surprise, surprise!

The company reckons that if the popularity of smartphones is anything to go by, wearables will be even more successful – “they understand the context of the world around you, and you can interact with them simply and efficiently, with just a glance or a spoken word.”

Google’s new watch – powered by Android Wear – will go beyond just telling you the time. In combination with a wide variety of Android apps, you’ll be able to get useful information and suggestions when you need them most: receive the latest posts and updates from Facebook, chats from WhatsApp, notifications of specials via your shopping app, and more.

Plus you’ll be able to better monitor your health and fitness and hit your exercise goals: your favorite fitness app can give you real-time speed, distance and time information on your wrist after your run, for instance.

Google’s smartwatch will also give you answers to spoken questions (say “Ok Google” to ask the score of the latest Stormers game), enable you to get stuff done (say “Ok Google to call a taxi or book a table at a restaurant), and give you access and control to other devices (say “Ok Google fire up a music playlist on your phone). The possibilities seem endless!

Developers can also jump on the band wagon by tailoring their existing app notifications for watches powered by Android Wear.

Google is also working with several consumer electronics manufacturers, including Asus, HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung; chip makers Broadcom, Imagination, Intel, Mediatek and Qualcomm; and fashion brands like the Fossil Group to bring you watches powered by Android Wear later this year.

Would you buy Google’s smartwatch? Do you even wear a watch?

Source: Official Google Blog

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