Hal Lasko, the 93-year-old pixel painter

Date:25 July 2013 Tags:,


97-year-old Hal Lasko, otherwise known as ‘Grandpa’, has changed his career path pretty late in the game. He was a graphic artist and typographer when everything was still done by hand, but when his sight started failing him, he had to find a new way to carry on doing what he loved – art.

He now creates unique works of art using Microsoft Paint from Windows ’95. Pixel by pixel, he can spend up to two years creating one piece. Due to Lasko’s seriously impaired vision, he finds working on Paint a lot easier because of the way he can zoom in and work on small sections separately.

This video is a short documentary, shot by Josh Bogdan, which tells how Lasko discovered a new way of holding onto his artistic career despite being well into his 80’s. To see some more of his prints, go to his web site.


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