Hand prosthesis empowers carpenter to reclaim career

Date:20 March 2013 Tags:, , , ,

For carpenters who’ve lost fingers, hand prostheses are too clumsy to allow them to keep working. Biomedical engineer Michael Morley, founder of ProSolutions, developed a prosthesis that restores the ability to swing a hammer, turn a screwdriver and pull a handsaw. The best part? It costs under R200.

The prosthetic tool exhibited in this movie was successfully designed, fabricated, and utilised to rehabilitate a professional carpenter who had been previously unemployed for 2 years after a serious work related accident.

The prosthetic tool is easily fabricated with a simple “small-batch” reaction injection molding process, the socket is then modified to fit the amputee, and the device is finally anchored via a specialised glove.

Through designing and distributing such prosthetic tools, Builders Prosthetics International seeks to empower thousands of amputees globally involved in labour intensive occupations to regain much of their occupational capacities.

Read more about fine-tuned prostheses in PM’s April 2013 issue – on sale 25 March.

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