HAPIfork tracks your eating habits

Date:25 February 2013 Tags:, ,

HAPIfork is billed as the world’s first smart connected fork. It “knows” how fast you’re eating and helps you slow down by using a patent-pending technology. By eating more slowly, you enhance the digestive process and ultimately reduce your weight.

Here’s how it works: an electronic key with a printed circuit links the extremity and the handle of the fork. Because the fork is in contact with only two parts of your body (that is, your mouth and your hand), it’s able to count the number of fork servings during a meal. When you’re eating too fast, the fork indicates this with gentle vibrations and indicator lights.

Your eating data is transmitted to a personalised online account when you connect the fork to your computer via USB or to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. You can choose to keep this information private or share it with friends and family (yeah, sure).

Watch laptopmag’s HAPIfork video from CES 2013…


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