• The history of Super Mario Bros.’ most infamous level

    Date:31 January 2018 Tags:,

    What could be that amazing about a single world, world 4-2 to be specific, in the original Nintendo Super Mario Bros. that YouTuber Summoning Salt has dedicated a 20 minute video to the history of this ‘infamous’ level?

    World 4-2 is the subterranean level with the hidden vine that leads to a warp zone, allowing players to skip directly to world 6, 7, or 8. Even you are not a dedicated gamer it is quite likely that you’ve played the original Super Mario Bros and have entered this world.

    When the game came out more than 30 years ago, 4-2 was a greatl shortcut for players to discover. But as speed running ( to get the fastest time through the entirety of Super Mario Bros) became a competitive pursuit, world 4-2 became the object of obsession. It’s not only the fastest way to world 8, but also because the world’s best players began to explore ways to gain fractions of a second from this level.

    Narrated in documentary style, Summoning Salt takes you through every trick and hack that players discovered to keep improving their times by increments. This video is more interesting and informative than simply watching others play video games, however that practice has burgeoned, with for example 18,9 million subscribers watch YouTube videos created by DanTDM in which he plays video games.

    Moving into the realm of current games, researchers have discovered that playing Super Mario 64 could help prevent Alzheimer’s.


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