• How to open a can without a can opener, knife or tools

    Date:30 November 2015 Tags:, ,

    YouTube’s original Russian experiment junkie, the CrazyRussianHacker, shows viewers how to open a can when you have no tools to your disposal.

    The video is a collaboration between CrazyRussianHacker and KGBsurvivalist and it forms part of CrazyRussianHacker’s Zombie Survival Tips video series.

    The technique seems quite simple: rub the top part of the can on concrete for about five seconds, and then gently squeeze the body of the can to pop the lid open – all while being mindful that your fingers don’t slip and get caught on the sharp edge.

    While we think this is a pretty cool way to open a can, we don’t recommend trying this at home.

    Video credit: CrazyRussianHacker and KGBsurvivalist

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