It’s a bike, it’s a… 4MC

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The 4MC is the original work of engineer and company director Nick Shotter. He specifically designed the 4MC with the intention of getting its rider through traffic safely. In 2000 the 4MC won a DTI Smart Award for a Feasibility Study. From 2002, Shotter introduced the 4MC to many well known manufacturers with an invitation to buy the machine’s intellectual property (IP). Between 2004 and 2008, he built a full-size working prototype to further demonstrate the technology.

According to those who’ve tried the 4MC, it’s as easy to ride as a conventional two-wheeled bike. Not only that, but it’s actually quite difficult to make it fall over – even on a slippery skidpan. Watch the video to see the 4MC make easy work of a skidpan (note: in the October ’09 issue of Popular Mechanics, we referred you to to check out a video of the four-wheeler being tested on dirt; however, this video has been discontinued).

Video and image credit: 4MC

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