Jaguar XJR versus the Jetman

Date:11 December 2015 Tags:, , , , ,

If you pit a legendary Formula 1 driver against a Swiss military-trained pilot turned Jetman, who do you think will win? Jaguar pitted their all-aluminium XJR driven by Martin Brundle, against a jetpack pilotted by Yves Rossy.

After a five second free-fall following Rossy’s jump from the  Jetman launch helicopter, he flies above the Jaquar XJR. Watch the video to see who takes the win.

The jetpack was developed and built by Rossy. The jetpack has carbon-fibre wings with a span of about 2,4 metres and is powered by four Jet-Cat superchargers. Its opponent, the Jaguar XJR will form part of the 2016 Jaguar XJ lineup, which goes on sale in South Africa early next year.

Click here to read more about Jetman and follow him on Facebook. To read more about Jaguar’s XJ series, click here.

Video credit: Jaguar

Image credit: Anthony Cullen


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