Jay Leno’s 1925 Doble Series E Steam Car

Date:8 December 2010 Tags:, , , ,

Abner Doble was an engineering genius and a perfectionist, who built his first steam car when he was in high school. Later, as an MIT student in 1911, Abner built a steamer with a condenser that turned vapour into reusable water; not even the Stanley Steamer had that range-extending feature.

Some years later, Abner, with assistance from his three brothers, founded the Doble Steam Motors Corporation. But he was a much better engineer than businessman; his outfit built just 36 cars from 1922 to 1931. Jay Leno owns two of them, both 1925 Model Es. One is a sedan, chassis No. 18. The other car, a roadster with chassis No. 20, once owned by Howard Hughes. Take a closer look at Jay Leno’s 1925 Doble Series E Steam Car…

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