• Jay Leno’s restored 1924 Ace motorcycle

    Date:15 September 2010 Tags:, ,

    After selling his company to bicycle magnate Ignaz Schwinn, William G Henderson founded the Ace Motor Corporation in 1919 to reboot his dream of building the perfect four-cylinder motorcycle – the world's first superbike.

    Henderson built Ace motorcycles from 1920 to about 1927. Almost all four-cylinder motorcycles in the US owe their heritage to Henderson, who died in 1922.

    Jay Leno decided to restore a 1924 Ace motorcycle. Watch as Leno takes you through the history of Ace motorcycles, the various parts of his restored 1924 Ace motorcycle and the problems experienced in the restoration process. And then he fires it up and takes it for a ride. What an awesome piece of machinery!

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