• Lego bat with realistic movement

    Date:10 March 2017 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, ,

    JK Brickworks, creator of the very clever Lego pop-up book, is back with a Lego bat that has realistic wing movement.

    Inspired by Australia’s grey-headed flying fox, the Lego bat copies the unique movement of bat wings. Jason Allemann, the man behind JK Brickworks, wrote in a blog post: “The wings are built mostly with Lego flex tube to keep them as light as possible.” In the video above Allemann explains the structure of the wings and how he adjusted the gear system to accommodate for the wing movement.

    The gears are hidden in a cleverly designed stand. Alleman writes: “As these bats are mostly active at night, Kristal designed a brick built sunset on one side of the stand, which transitions to night as you turn the model around.”

    Watch the video above for the construction details.


    Video credit: JK Brickworks

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