Lexus IS Hybrid tested to extremes in life-size video game

Date:13 September 2013 Tags:, , ,

To test and promote the IS Hybrid, Lexus decided to make a life-size video game using projection mapping technology.

The TRACE YOUR ROAD video game featured F1 driver Jarno Trulli. One at a time, the 10 Lexus Facebook competition winners got to sit alongside Trulli in the IS and draw a roadmap on a tablet, which was projected on to the ground. Trulli then had to drive round the course in the Lexus IS Hybrid at top speed.

The trajectory was projected from the tablet to the ground by sending signals through to some software, then up to projectors, which mapped the path that Trulli drove. The goal of the game was to reach seven randomly placed checkpoints in the shortest time possible.

We couldn’t think of a better and more creative way to appreciate the car’s handling!

To see how it all came together, watch the following behind-the-scenes video:


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