M51 Super Sherman radio control tank

Date:3 July 2012 Tags:,

One of several variants of an Allied forces’ armoured mainstay, the US-built M4 medium tank, the M51 Super Sherman is now ready to do duty on domestic (miniature, that is) battlefronts. The front-mounted gearbox contains two Type 380 motors that can operate together or individually to produce forward/reverse running and pivot turning. In addition, realistic sounds accompany engine operations, turret rotation, gun barrel elevation and depression. Hull-mounted main gun can be elevated, depressed, and swung to the left and right. Catch the tank in action…

• 1/16th scale.
• Includes DMD Control Unit (T-08) and DMD Multi-Function Unit (MF-07), which enable turret rotation, gun elevation/depression, realistic operating sounds and vibration actions.
• Requires a 4-channel transmitter, 7,2 V battery and 8 AA batteries for transmitter.
• Install separately available Battle System (Item 53447) to enjoy 1 on 1 or team tank battles with other Tamiya 1/16th R/C tanks.

Tank kit: R10 500 4-channel transmitter and battery: R1 000

To find out more, visit www.jeffreystein.co.za for a list of dealers and their contact details.

Video used with permission. Video credit: Tamiya, Inc.

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