Martin Jetpack

Date:16 June 2010 Tags:, ,

New Zealand-based company Martin Aircraft are taking orders for the first commercially available jet pack, an extremely clever and efficient machine constructed from carbon fibre composite. It has a dry weight of 113 kg (excluding safety equipment) and is driven by a 2-litre two-stroke engine rated at 150 kW. According to its manufacturers, the jetpack has a ceiling of around 2 400 m (estimated). Its two 50 cm rotors are made from a carbon and Kevlar composite.

Naturally, it comes with redundant systems designed to take over in the event that something goes awry. If a crash-landing is required, a pilot-operated toggle fires a small amount of propellant to deploy a ballistic parachute (similar to a car airbag) that allows the pilot and jetpack to descend together. It also features an impact-absorbing carriage. Maximum flight time is about 30 minutes.

Watch Ray – Chief Design Engineer of the Martin Jetpack – demonstrate a simple flight sequence…

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