Meet the badass Rungu Juggernaut fat-tyred trike

Date:20 May 2014 Tags:, ,

No, we have no idea where the name comes from (or, for that matter, what inspired this odd-looking trike), but we have to say that we love its in-your-face looks. The Juggernaut’s long-wheelbase design and three fat (4,7-inch) tyres are said to improve “float” on sand and snow over rival fatbikes by as much as 50 per cent, which is not to be sneered at when you need to, you know, tow a surfboard or something across a beach. If you have the leg power, it will even climb steps, for heaven’s sake. Catch Rungu’s Juggernaut in action…

What you get
Aluminium frame, extended wheelbase for better weight distribution
Three wheels (two wheels in front for extra stability)
Low gearing for difficult terrain
Mounting points for e-bike kits and overhead racks
Fat rear tyre at the back for traction and control in sand and snow
Shoulder-width front wheel spacing to improve tricycle handling
Hydraulic rear brake for dependable braking, regardless of weather
Dual front brakes improve brake force (up to double that of standard bike)
Price: Upwards of R25 000

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