Meet Chibikart, a compact go-kart that weights all of 16 kg

Date:20 September 2012 Tags:, , ,

Powered by a pair of standard 12-volt lithium iron phosphate batteries, Charles Guan’s two-wheel-drive Chibikart 2 roams the school hallways on 10 cm rubber tyres. The twin 0,75 kW drive motors were designed for RC model aircraft. “They’re some of the best power-to-weight-ratio parts available for any kind of propulsion,” Guan says. The 16 kg chariot stops thanks to brakes fashioned mostly from stock bicycle parts. Top speed? About 35 km/h, which means Guan may want to think about buying himself a helmet. Watch Guan taking his Chibikart for a spin in a parking garage…

The Chibikart was recognised in PM’s Backyard Genius Awards 2012. Get your hands on PM’s October 2012 issue – on sale on 24 September – for more useful, outrageous, anbitious and, yes, electrifying amateur engineering projects.

Image credit: Guido Vitti


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