Meet Mantis, the biggest, all-terrain operational hexapod robot in the world

Date:6 May 2013 Tags:, , , , ,

The Mantis walking machine is powered by a Perkins 2,2-litre turbo diesel engine and hydraulics. Weighing 1 900 kg, this five-metre behemoth can be piloted or remotely controlled via a Wi-Fi link.

The Mantis hexapod – developed by chief designer Matt Denton, the founder of Micromagic Systems – made its debut at Bestival 2012 in the UK.

Micromagic Systems was founded in 1999 to supply animatronic, robotic and puppet control systems and services to the film and television industry. The company has developed a variety of products from servo reversers through to complete performance systems, which have played pivotal roles in award-winning productions ranging from feature films – including the Harry Potter series and Prometheus – to music videos.

Catch the Mantis robot in action…


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