Meet Savor – Chris Christiansen third homebuilt aeroplane

Date:18 October 2011 Tags:, ,

Self-taught 31-year-old amateur builder Chris Christiansen designed and flew his third homebuilt aeroplane, the high-wing Savor, in just 15 months. That’s especially impressive considering that Christiansen designs with pencil and paper. Yet the Savor, which is intended as a cross-country flying machine, looks very much like a professionally built aeroplane – a good deal, in fact, like Cessna’s new entry in the light-sport aircraft market, the Skycatcher. Except that Savor can go nearly 320 km/h, 100 km/h faster than Cessna’s plane.

Watch a video of Chris Christiansen flying Savor to Oshkosh back in 2010…

Read the article, "DIY flight", in the November 2011 issue of Popular Mechanics (on sale on 24 October) to find out more about Savor, as well as other aircrafts constructed by aviation enthusiasts…

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