• Meet Strati, the first-ever 3D-printed car

    Date:27 November 2014 Tags:, , , ,

    The Strati is the world’s first 3D-printed car. It’s a humble machine, an overgrown go-kart built around a 3D-printed tub. The 48-volt electric drivetrain is bolted to an aluminium subframe in the rear, and the seats are printed into the tub and covered with scraps of padding.

    Jay Rogers, co-founder and CEO of small-batch car company Local Motors, thinks the prototype represents a revolutionary kind of transportation: simple, light, inexpensive, and highly personalised. “There are 25 000 parts in a normal production car,” Rogers says. Local’s first production 3D-printed car, a sporty two-seater, will use, by his count, about 64.

    This video shows a time-lapse of the Strati being printed…

    Popular Mechanics awarded Local Motors a Breakthrough Award for designing the first 3D-printed car. Read more about Strati – and other Breakthrough Award innovations – in the December 2014 issue, on sale 17 November.