Mission R: zero-compromise electric bike

Date:8 December 2013 Tags:, , ,

It’s been described as the world’s most advanced production electric motorcycle, and the label seems pretty accurate. Successor to the groundbreaking Mission RS, this battery powered hell-raiser from San Francisco-based Mission Motors goes from standstill to 100 km/h in around three seconds and achieves a top speed of 225 km/h-plus.

At the heart of the Mission R is a 120 kW electric motor mated to the company’s proprietary InfiniteDrive powertrain, which has no clutch or gearbox to introduce annoying inertial forces (needless to say, it has no pistons, con-rods or crankshaft, either). As a result, this bike drops into corners with reckless abandon and delivers huge gobbets of torque (163 N.m) from zero revs.

Keeping things nicely under control is what’s claimed to be the most advanced electronics and traction control package on two wheels, processing thousands of calculations per second to seamlessly control traction.

The custom aluminium and chrome-moly chassis, designed by James Parker, provides a level of chassis feedback and control that’s said to outperform anything in its class. Other goodies include regenerative braking and a cellular data-enabled, high-resolution, pressure-sensitive touchscreen-based user interface and a digital instrument cluster that supports integrated GPS, Bluetooth, an optional image-stabilised HD camera and a head-up display.

Catch the Mission R in action…


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