Microdrone – Eye in the sky

Date:14 April 2010 Tags:,

The Microdrone MD4-200 is a VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) AUMAV (Autonomous Unmanned Micro Aerial Vehicle). UK firm MW Power Systems markets these highly effective surveillance UAV microdrones to police, emergency services and military customers.

Endurance of the system is maximised utilising bespoke Lithium Polymer batteries, providing mission times of 20-60 minutes. Minimal environmental impact is guaranteed with noise as low as 63dB @3m from the 4 brushless motors, rendering the system virtually inaudible. At 40-70 m operational height the system and in the mid-focus the MD4-200 is almost invisible.

Standard payloads include 12mp Stills, HD1080i widescreen Video, microCCD, Watec LowLight, and FLIR Thermal Imaging. Further sensors are available on request including air and gas monitors, radiation detectors, GSM jammers, and so on. With all-up air-mass of 1,2 kg – 4,8 kg the Microdrones range feature a series of fail-safe systems, including auto-descend.

In this video, we see the unmanned flying drone helping out the West Midlands Fire Services by relaying live-video to both base station and to their Command and Support Vehicles (CSV) where the video is compressed and readied for onward transmission in real-time

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