• Neil deGrasse Tyson explores time

    Date:8 March 2017 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, ,

    Our favourite go-to astrophysicist and cosmologist Neil deGrasse Tyson sat down with Jake Roper from the YouTube channel Vsauce3 to talk about time.

    The talk, inspired by the film Arrival, has deGrasse Tyson explaining the theories of time; including linear and non-linear time as well as bootstrap paradox.

    Arrival takes an interesting look at the concept of time, asking what would time be influenced if a person were to join her/his life at a random point through their lifespan. So check out the video above to find out all about different time theories and films built around these concepts.

    If you were wondering what Arrival is about, well we’ll give you a brief run-down. No spoilers. Twelve alien spaceships or pods touch down in twelve different locations on Earth. Countries across the globe try to find out why the beings have… well, arrived. The film follows American linguist (played by Amy Adams) who is drafted by the American military to try and communicate with alien beings who landed on Earth. Let’s just say that time and communication go hand-in-hand throughout.

    Video credit: Vsauce3


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