• Neil deGrasse Tyson’s teaser video for The Martian film

    Date:31 August 2015

    In the video below the¬†American astrophysicist and cosmologist Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses the “upcoming Ares 3 mission” in this special episode of StarTalk – a vlog version of¬† deGrasse Tyson’s radio podcast show.

    The video serves as a teaser to director Ridley Scott’s upcoming film The Martian, that follows an astronaut who finds himself stranded on a Mars.

    The film is based on the 2011 Andy Weir novel by the same name. In the film astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is left on Mars by his crew after a fierce storm. With limited supplies Watney has to use his ingenuity to survive, while his crewmates, NASA and a team of scientists work tirelessly to bring him home.

    Watch the video below for the teaser, and visit The Martian’s YouTube channel for more trailers.

    The Martian will be in cinemas locally on 02 October 2015.

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