Octopus Escapes Through Tiny Hole

Date:19 January 2015 Author: William Horne Tags:, , , , , ,

Watch as a large octopus squeezes itself through a tiny opening on the deck of a boat off the Chiswell Islands, Alaska. These amazing creatures can fit through any opening their beaks can fit through, regardless of their body size.

The ability to escape through such tiny openings, however, is not solely due to physiological quirks and incredible nimbleness. Octopuses are regarded as highly intelligent, in part due to their problem solving abilities.

They can solve mazes, be trained to associate certain shapes with certain events and rewards, and have amazing short- and long term memory capabilities.

Their intelligence is, in fact, so established that many countries do not allow surgery or any invasive scientific experiments to be carried out on this invertebrate without anesthesia.

Video Credit: Chance Miller

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