Papetura computer game is made entirely of paper

Date:4 February 2015

Currently in the development stage, Papetura is a hand-crafted visual delight. This point-and-click adventure game is set in a world created completely from paper.

The game is currently asking for crowd-funded backing via Indigogo, where the game studio Petums hopes to raise a minimum of $13 000 to release the game on both PC and Mac platforms. If funding reaches as much as $25 000, the game will also become available on mobile platforms.

Petums shares a brief summary of how it works: “Throughout the whole game, you have to control a main character, Pape, and take care of his friend, Tura. When the paper-world is awoken by the light, you will discover its secrets and threats. At the beginning, after being swallowed by a monster, you will reveal your purpose piece by piece.”

Read more about Papetura here: or visit their Indiegogo page for updates, details and to play a demo version of the game, here.

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