PM takes a spin in the Marauder armoured personnel carrier

Date:27 November 2013 Tags:, ,

PM’s deputy editor Anthony Doman visited the Gerotek proving grounds west of Pretoria to take a ride in Paramount’s Marauder armoured personnel carrier. Check it out…

Weighing up to 18 000 kg, the Marauder is capable of climbing up and over obstacles and crushing them underwheel.

The Marauder – one of five armoured vehicles from SA-based Paramount – is based on the Hummer concept, and although not regarded as a frontline offensive machine, it can be fitted with defensive measures, including a turret-mounted remote-controlled missile launcher. It fulfils its main mandate quite handily with a STANAG (Nato) rating of 3; in case form it is capable of withstanding 7,62-calibre fire and an 8 kg blast of TNT.

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