PM’s editor tests Yamaha to destruction?*

Date:9 February 2010 Tags:

Intent on capturing some dramatic video footage while testing Yamaha's new R1 superbike, PM editor Alan Duggan experimented with all manner of fancy camera mounts before giving up in disgust. After scouting the leafy streets near PM's editorial offices, he finally located a traffic-free road and set off, video camera clasped firmly in his left hand (his right hand was twisting the throttle, natch). After a leisurely sprint and a few trouble-free (clutchless) gearshifts, he decided he'd made his point, and began to slow down.

Our dramatic video clip shows what happened next…

* Or does he? See next week’s blog to find out.

For more information about Yamaha’s YZF-R1, |click here|


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