Popular Mechanics TV ad – May 2013 edition

Date:7 May 2013 Tags:, , , , , , ,

Buy the May 2013 issue of Popular Mechanics (on sale now) and learn about a starship that will take us to another galaxy within the next 100 years. Meet amazingly capable robot doctors who work with their human counterparts to perform delicate surgery.  Join the debate on smartphones that will change the way you communicate. And share the agony and ecstasy as teams compete to produce the world’s most efficient human-powered helicopter. Indulge your macho instincts as we climb aboard a 54-ton tank and squash an innocent family car. Then explore our PM Zone teen supplement and enter a competition to win a Samsung Galaxy Camera worth R6 000. It’s all in the May issue of Popular Mechanics.

Are you still in a winning mood? Then enter our subscriber competition and stand a chance of driving off in a desirable Ford Focus worth R239 000. Go on, be the first to know!


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