Popular Mechanics TV ad — April 2014 issue

Date:4 April 2014 Tags:, , , ,

Our April cover story introduces the Bloodhound team, led by aviation entrepreneur Richard Noble, and describes how they intend to achieve the 1 000 mph target.

We showcase a very clever quadcopter with the unlikely name of Huginn X1 and  introduce self-described tinkerer and electromechanical engineer Antony English, who has converted his Jeep Grand Cherokee to electric drive and slashed his running costs to an amazing 12 cents per kilometre.

Oh, and the gadgets. You’ll meet Samsung’s much-anticipated Galaxy S5 smartphone, some really big curved-screen TVs, a couple of desirable devices from Sony, a refrigerator that takes teenage eating habits into account, and our usual (read gloriously eclectic) mix of gadgets in Great Stuff.

To whet your appetites even more, here are a few article teasers from the April 2014 issue: http://bit.ly/OuleQC

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