• Popular Mechanics TV ad – June 2012 edition

    Date:23 May 2012

    Our cover story of the June 2012 issue (on sale now), “Re-engineering the human”, explores some remarkable breakthroughs in the design of prosthetic limbs, artificial organs, bones and even blood cells. Bionic limbs with machine intelligence can now sense their environment and predict a user’s intentions. The prosthetic arm on our cover is actually composed of a swarm of robots, each detachable segment housing a processor that works in concert with the others. Wonderful stuff, and it’s bringing new hope to many people.

    We hope you enjoy our bumper 32-page Tech Focus supplement, which comes free with this month’s issue. It introduces fascinating and increasingly relevant technologies in the fields of home entertainment, automotive safety, leisure pursuits, communications, and much more. We provide advice on buying a new TV, introduce a couple of outrageous bicycles, unpack appliances with brains, and ask what it will take for tablets to replace PCs.

    As always, we showcase a heady assortment of new gadgets throughout the magazine. Finally, regular PM readers who may have been alarmed by our “haunted house” headline need not be concerned: it’s not about exorcism or exploring beyond the veil. Instead, we explain what makes doors bang and floors creak in your ageing house, then tell how you to fix them. It’s what we do.

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