ShapeOko desktop CNC machine mills aluminium

Date:16 April 2014 Tags:, , , , ,

ShapeOko has built an impressive (and affordable) desktop milling machine, thanks to years of open-source collaboration. This model cuts wood, plastic and metal, and features a larger, more accessible work space than the original. The R7 000 kit is for any hobbyist, but the R3 200 kit is for experienced makers: you’ll need to supply your own electronics, motors, pulleys and a Dremel-type rotary tool.

While 3D printers use additive manufacturing, creating objects one microlayer at a time, CNC machines use subtractive manufacturing – a cutting tool removes layers of material along X, Y and Z axes.

Shapeoko founder Edward Ford spent five years designing a CNC machine that a capable hobbyist can build in a single weekend.

In an online forum, more than 1 000 contributors shared their visions for Shapeoko 2. The finished product reflects the collective opinion.

Watch as the Shapeoko mills aluminium with ease…

Want one? You can pre-order the open source ShapeOko 2 desktop CNC mill kit from


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