Shell V-Power Nitro+ Film directed by Michael Bay

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Shell V-Power Nitro+ Film directed by Michael Bay

Director of the Transformers film franchise, Michael Bay, has been tasked by the oil company Shell to direct an advertisement in the style of a short film for their V-Power Nitro+ fuel. The film above depicts engine corrosion and “gunk” as Transformeresque monsters trying to attack the vehicle.

Their latest generation of Unleaded and Diesel performance fuels, Shell V-Power Nitro+, is designed to start working on performance reducing deposits the instant it flows into your engine. Developed alongside their technical partner, Ferrari, V-Power Nitro+ Unleaded was the the inspiration behind their new, diesel performance fuel: V-Power Nitro+ Diesel.

Watch the action-packed video above and read more about Shell V-Power Nitro+, by clicking here.

Video credit: Shell

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