Biggest, baddest air-powered water gun

Date:16 August 2010 Tags:,

In honour of the very cool and clever guy who graces our August 2010 issue cover (he’s inventor Lonnie Johnson, father of the legendary Super Soaker water gun), we’re offering one lucky PM reader a chance to win the biggest, baddest blaster in the whole “Soaker Wars” arsenal! Wrap your fingers around the air-powered Shot Blast (worth a cool R700) and use its rapid-fire action to keep going until your target is drenched.

To see the Shot Blast in action, check out this video of an innocent PM staffer being reduced to a bundle of wet rags…

Want it? To enter, |click here| (Competition closes on 31 August 2010.)

Read more about Lonnie Johnson and other inventors, as well as about the five steps of invention from The Popular Mechanics Inventors Handbook.

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