Skyrush coaster – not for the faint-hearted

Date:19 July 2012 Tags:, ,

This year, three US amusement parks debuted a new breed of roller coaster – delighting adrenaline junkies and horrifying the friends they drag along. These wing coasters have cantilevered seats, which amplify their movement and better simulate the sensation of flight. Passengers experience up to 5 g’s in three directions. Shifting people’s weight from the centre of the track posed engineering challenges: loads on the floorless seats are nearly three times greater than on traditional ones, so Hersheypark chose to mill each 2-ton car frame for its Skyrush coaster from one large piece of steel.  Skyrush is a semiwing coaster with two seats centred over the track and flanked by winged seats that offer 270-degree views of the park. Catch the adrenaline-pumping Skyrush coaster in action…

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