Steam-powered rocket fires stuntman over canyon

Date:19 September 2016 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, , , , , ,

A stuntman has successfully completed a canyon jump in a steam-powered rocket, finally accomplishing what legendary stunt performer Evel Knievel failed to do more than 40 years ago.

American stuntman Eddie Braun – it should go without saying that he’s not only bold and exceptionally brave, but also capable of attempting the sort of thing most of us would regard as crazy –on Friday successfully cleared the Snake River Canyon in Idaho. The stunt was the lifelong dream of Braun’s childhood hero Evel Knievel, who attemped the canyon jump in 1974.

In the original stunt Knievel was to be rocketed over the canyon with a steam-powered rocket superheated to 260 °C.  But on the day the drogue parachute deployed prematurely as the rocket left the launch rail and induced a lot of drag. Although Knievel’s rocket made it to the other side of the canyon, crosswinds caught by the parachute forced the rocket back into the canyon. Knievel survived the jump with only minor injuries, but never tried the jump again.

Over the last couple of decades half a dozen of stunt performers have expressed interest in trying their hand at Knievel’s stunt, but none have tried until now.

Watch the video above for commentary and footage of the entire jump. Watch the video below for a view of the cockpit during the jump.

Source: CNet

Videos credit: ABC / Weiward

Image credit: Eddie Braun

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