TAG Heuer Meridiist Infinite: meet the always-on phone

Date:14 August 2014 Tags:, , ,

Say hello to a distinctly attractive mobile phone from a very classy brand. Recently unveiled by TAG Heuer, the Meridiist Infinite features a photovoltaic panel that’s built into the sapphire crystal screen to keep the phone powered up – in charge mode, at least – for as long as there’s a light source (artificial light is good, sunlight is even better). They call the technology Perpetual Power Reserve.

Available in a limited edition of just 1 911 units, the phone is made from titanium, carbon and rubber, and features a dashboard chronograph – patented by the manufacturer in 1911 – that was apparently designed for cars and aircraft. Price? If you have to ask…

Take a closer look at the ‘world’s first perpetual power reserve’ in this video…


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