The Lazzarini Jet Capsule is an amazingly versatile futuristic watercraft

Date:12 December 2013 Tags:,

Italian design studio Lazzarini recently presented its first “mini yacht” in Monaco, playground of the unnecessarily rich and tax refuge for all manner of dodgy people. The Jet Capsule has a glass fibre hill measuring 7,5 m long and 3,5 m wide, and it can be customised to suit myriad roles, including that of water taxi, emergency water vehicle, patrol boat, scuba diving vessel or recreational cruiser.

It features a hydro-jet propulsion system and comes equipped with either one or two (petrol or diesel) engines. There’s a protected deck and seating area that accommodates up to eight passengers, and creature comforts include automatic doors, a rooftop sunbed, rear diving platform, convertible bedroom and toilet. If required, the layout can be customised to include a galley.

Looking for something a little more extravagant? We understand Lazzarini is working on a “sustainable” houseboat – dubbed UFO, or Unidentified Floating Object – featuring multiple levels, spacious living zones and a submerged glass encased lower bedroom.


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