The making of the 50th Emirates Airbus A380 (time-lapse)

Date:26 August 2014 Tags:, , , ,

It took 800 workers just 80 days to build Emirates’ 50th Airbus A380, which was delivered last month. From assembly, testing and painting to furnishing and delivery, here’s a time-lapse video showing the making of the latest double-decker aircraft to join the fleet…

First, the aircraft fuselage is produced at the Airbus facility in Hamburg and then transported to Toulouse for the first stage of final assembly. The wing sections, produced in the UK, are also shipped from the Hamburg facility to Toulouse. Parts like the fuselage and wings are transferred through a transportation network that includes three specially-commissioned ships to carry the sections from production sites throughout Europe. Over 10 000 bolts are used to connect the fuselage and over 4 000 for the wings. This first part of final assembly yields an aircraft that is ready for its first ferry flight, minus its interior and paint.

After assembly, each of the five sections of the fuselage is tested by engineers, and then the aircraft is off to Hamburg for painting and cabin furnishing. It takes 30 people approximately 10 days to paint the A380, which has a surface area of 3 150 m²­­­ – approximately the size of seven professional basketball courts. Over 500 kg of paint is needed just to give the aircraft its white colour.

Cabin furnishing comes in the final stages of the assembly process.  It takes about 33 working days to furnish the 550 m² area on board the Emirates A380. This includes all seats, galleys, crew rest areas, the unique shower-spa and private suites in First Class, the on-board lounge located at the back of the Business Class cabin, and the award-winning ice inflight entertainment system in all cabins.


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