The Thunder Child boat is impossible to capsize

Date:19 February 2018 Tags:, , ,

The XSV 17 Thunder Child is high speed, wave piercing military craft built in Ireland, by Safehaven Marine, for Naval or offshore patrols and it can’t be capsized.

The video above shows the boat being tipped 120 degrees before being completely inverted, with people inside. This was done to test her ability recover should she be capsized by a large breaking wave. The theory is that she will right herself because of the Thunder Child’s very low center of gravity and her watertight, and extremely buoyant, cabin. She does just that – which is rather impressive to watch.

The 17m long Thunder Child is powered by a pair of Caterpillar C12.9 turbocharged, supercharged and intercooler diesel engines producing 745kW each. Propulsion can be by waterjets or by surface drives and the Thunder Child is capable of a maximum speed of 54kts (about 100km/h).

The manufacturer states that the fully enclosed climate controlled cabin comes with seating for 9-10 crew members on shock mitigation seas with space ‘for an additional six combatants’ in the forward cabin allowing a total capacity of 16.

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