How to trap a self-driving car

Date:10 April 2017 Author: Jorika Moore Tags:,

Self-driving cars are a rapidly evolving technology that only a few years ago was considered something of science fiction. Driverless cars will be the most viable form of intelligent transportation. But how smart are they really?

In the video below, this autonomous car’s logic grapples with the rules of the road. Dotted white lines can be crossed, while solid white lines shouldn’t be. See what happens when you draw a white dotted circle surrounding a white solid circle.

The car drives through the dotted line, but by the time it processes the solid line conundrum it’s surrounded by, the car doesn’t quiet know what to do with itself. Self driving cars are the future, because they’re not quite ready for the present yet.


Video credit: stml

Source: TechCrunch

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