Tsunami Survival Capsule could save lives

Date:20 May 2014 Tags:, , ,

After the March 2011 tsunami in Japan, former Boeing aerospace engineer Julian Sharpe discovered that 135 nations were at risk for a catastrophic wave. When there’s not enough time to move to higher ground, an aluminium escape pod designed by Sharpe’s company, Survival Capsule, could save lives. Complete with locator beacons, GPS, ventilation and storage space for food and water, the capsule has withstood crushing, heating and piercing tests. The first two-person production model was delivered to Japan in July 2013. The company expects to go into full-scale production this year.

In this video, Sharpe talks us through the manufacturing, testing and development of the Survival Capsule…

Article: Survival tech that could revolutionise the way we prepare for and fight back against natural disasters

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