The world’s first subsea limousine

Date:17 January 2013 Tags:, , ,


Fancy a little underwater adventure? Got R15 million to spare? Dutch submarine company U-Boat Worx has launched a unique and unashamedly luxurious submarine billed as “the world’s first subsea limousine” – and it’s exactly what you need for your next holiday. Featuring a pressurised acrylic-and-steel hull, the C-Explorer 5 can descend to 300 m, where it moseys along at a useful 3 knots.

According to the manufacturer, the sub’s lithium-ion batteries equip it to keep going for eight hours, and double that time with an optional upgrade (which presumably means more or bigger batteries). Aimed primarily at yacht- and resort-owners, the craft accommodates four passengers plus a pilot. Propulsion is provided by two pairs of 2 kW thrusters. Optional extras include sonar, LED lights, an external manipulator arm and a high-def video camera.

This movie gives an overview of U-Boat Worx and the submersibles it manufactures in the Netherlands…


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