Video of live HeLa cell: 3rd place, Small World in Motion competition

Date:29 April 2014 Tags:, ,

The winners of the third annual Small World in Motion Photomicrography Competition have been announced.

Dr Lin Shao of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia Farm Research Campus earned third place honours with his video of a live HeLa (cancer) cell, which shows for the very first time the inner details of the mitochondria in a living cell within a 3D image. Shao used structured illuminated microscopy applied to the wide field microscope, doubling the normal resolution of the conventional microscope. With this technique, Dr Shao captured more than 50 time points which were then reconstructed in three dimensions. Shao hopes this video inspires other microscopists to apply this technique in their own laboratories.

Technique: Fast 3D wide-field structured illumination microscopy (SIM)

Credit: Dr Lin Shao | Nikon Small World in Motion

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