Windup – the world’s smallest car

Date:13 September 2010 Tags:,

Meet Windup – a converted Postman Pat kiddies ride that is completely roadworthy. At 1,04 m high, 0,66 m wide and 1,3 m long, Windup is recognised as the world’s smallest car by the Guinness World Records and the World Records Academy

It was created by Perry Watkins of the UK, who also holds the record for the world’s lowest car…

* Donor body: Postman Pat coin operated kiddie ride
* Rolling chassis: Shanghai Shenke quad bike
* Engine: Shanghai 150cc auto cvt
* Rear wheels and tyres: Honda Monkey bike
* Front wheels: Machined from billet aluminium to accept 8″ tyres from a 1939 Brockhouse Corgi paratroopers mini motorcycle.
* Top speed: 64 km/h
* Fuel consumption: 3,37 per 100 km
* Dimensions: 1,04 m high, 0,66 m wide and 1,3 m long

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