World’s 12 biggest organs

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Organs – think animal and not instrument – are a pretty important parts of many living things. And, more importantly, organs can come in many shapes and sizes. To explore this the Epic Wildlife channel on YouTube has compiled a list looking at the 12 biggest organs found in the animal kingdom. Although some of the results might be unsurprising, you’re bound to learn some interesting facts along the way.

Check out the video above for the world’s 12 biggest organs (some were open for interpretation). Alternatively we’ve posted the complete list below if you’re up for a quick read.

12. Biggest tongue: Blue whale

The world’s largest mammal is also, unsurprisingly, the owner of the world’s biggest tongue. An adult blue whale measures up to 30 metres and its tongue can weigh about three tons.

11. Bonus fact

The world’s largest non-organic musical organ is a pipe organ at the Boardwalk Hall Auditorium in Atlantic City.

10. Longest tongue: Tube lipped nectar bat

This winner was chosen for having the longest tongue in relation to its body size. At 8,63 centimetres the tongue of this bat is one-and-a-half times the length of its body.

09. Largest stomach: Blue whale

The blue whale’s stomach can hold almost a ton of food at once.

08. Biggest eyes: Colossal squid

Measuring at almost 28 centimetres in diameter, the eyes of a dead colossal squid takes the prize for being the largest. Scientists believe the eyes of the squid could have measured up to 40 centimetres when the animal was still alive.

07. Biggest brain: Sperm whale

The sperm whale has a brain that weighs just over 8 kilograms. Coincidentally, the sperm whale is also the largest toothed predator.

06. Biggest ears: African elephant

An elephants ears play a vital role in communication and temperature regulation and can therefore measure up to a sixth of its body size.

05. Biggest heart: Blue whale

This colossal animal makes it to the list again. Because of their scarceness blue whales remained largely unstudied until 2015 when a dead blue whale floated to the ocean surface in Newfoundland, Canada. Researchers then discovered that its heart weighed 180 kilograms and measured more than 152 centimetres in length.

04. Biggest human organ: The skin

With an average surface area of 2 metres the human skin is our biggest organ. Among its other functions it helps keep you cool when its hot and warm when its cold.

03. Longest/largest nose: African elephant

The elephant’s nose serves multiple purposes, including serving as a fifth limb, an instrument for amplifying sound and a tool for scooping water.

02. Biggest liver: Basking Shark

The liver of a basking shark runs through the entire length of its abdominal cavity and accounts for roughly twenty five per cent of its total body weight. The average basking shark can weigh 5,4 tons, meaning its liver weighs about 1,3 tons.

01. Largest reproductive organs: Tuberous bush cricket

This tiny crickets testicles weighs 14 per cent of its total body weight.


Video credit: Epic Wildlife Channel

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